Sep 30, 2010

Night time is my Laura Palmer said. Just got back from an art opening of my good friend, Kathy Schmidt. Great realist painter, deep, sweet and complicated....
I felt more aloive tonight than I have in ages...being around artists I respect, wise voices, inspiring and advising.
The night is layered. You know there is stuff there, but you can't see it. This is what is important, to me, anyway, for a good painting...some exposed, some hidden that you know is there but cannot always see. The mystery, the depth, the poetry if you will of the unexplained.....

Mar 16, 2010


Hello Everyone,
Welcome to my Blog. It has been a while since I have posted here, but it is Spring and I am trying to revive my art profession. Teaching High School is fun but I have had a hard time getting any work done, art wise. That is about to change! Now that things are getting under control at school, I am painting again and about to start a commission. So..thanks for reading, and watch this space!

May 21, 2009

OMG Adam Lambert should have won AI hands down, although I think he is probably much better without that commercial schlock sounds like sour grapes, but AI is quite mainstream and Adam is not. He is a multifaceted, unbelievably talented young man, who reminds me an awful lot of a young Tony Curtis and Elvis. I am sure he is destined to become part of popular culture!

May 20, 2009

Tonight I had the absolute pleasure of watching a Lyle Lovett concert...the musicianship was incredible, the banter and dry humor beguiling!
It was a small venue and intimate, and I was int he front row!! I go my seats right away!
He played some of my favorites including, "You're not from Texas, Bears and others...
Anhoo, like a nerd I hung out in the back of our little theatre with 2 other fans and met the man himself. What a gentleman,and I got to ask him one question. "Do you remember a club called the Rubiyaat in Texas?" And he did not even hesitate, "Yes!" He went on to say that he hadn't played there but he was very familiar with it. I mentioned that the famous owner Bob Johnson was, in fact, my Dad! Anyway, we had a short conversation about it and he asked about Bob and all that. SO, it was awesome, it made my night. So, Daddy, if you are reading this, I hope it makes you happy!
I am here in my motorcycle jacket which is reflecting..sorry.

May 19, 2009

Is anyone else having trouble commenting on posts? I just tried to comment on "art is a 3 letter word" blog and it keeps erasing my comments. I pick google profile and even try to preview but it just anyone else having this issue?

May 18, 2009

The Bitter Foodie: Don't look at this post.

The Bitter Foodie: Don't look at this post.]
this is insane

So much for employment security...

Here is a recent work in progress, a gift for my good friend Dara. It's not finished yet, though. I am going to try to break into the exclusive , platinum only club of pet portraiture.

Bad news about my stupid job as a HS art teacher. They cut my position to .5 FTE from .6 which does not sound like like much but when you consider that is going from 2/3 of Full time to 1/2 pay wise, you see how that would be quite a salary cut, plus the same number of preps. Insane. The jury is out as to what I will do yet....but I am depressed.