May 18, 2009

So much for employment security...

Here is a recent work in progress, a gift for my good friend Dara. It's not finished yet, though. I am going to try to break into the exclusive , platinum only club of pet portraiture.

Bad news about my stupid job as a HS art teacher. They cut my position to .5 FTE from .6 which does not sound like like much but when you consider that is going from 2/3 of Full time to 1/2 pay wise, you see how that would be quite a salary cut, plus the same number of preps. Insane. The jury is out as to what I will do yet....but I am depressed.

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Paul Heaston said...

I know the feeling-- they're cutting adjuncts down to one section here. BS. Oh, and I am familiar with the ups and downs of pet portraiture as well, but yours looks amazing. Very cool.